IT Services For Eastern Pennsylvania Businesses:

Are You Sick and Tired Of Dealing With IT Service Providers That Are Impossible To Reach, Won't Follow Through, Can't Fix Things Right, and Nickel and Dime You For Everything That They Do?

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The Eastern Pennsylvania Business Owner's Guide To IT Support Services And Fees

7 Big Reasons to Choose Laughing Rock Technology to Support Your Computer Network

No nickel and diming.
We never bill out of contract without your advanced approval.

No finger pointing.
We will always focus on being a part of the solution regardless of where a problem came from.

Service first approach.
We aren’t a technology company, we are a customer service company that is really good at tech.

Up-Time is a top priority.
Our systems are designed to make sure you IT is up and running at all times. Even updates and patches are run off hours to prevent interruption.

Cyber Security that can’t be beat.
We have never experienced a breach amongst clients with our full cyber security package (and we don’t intend to break that streak).

No onboarding fees.
We want to make it easy for us to work together and that means us having some skin in the game. If you make a commitment to Laughing Rock by signing a termed agreement, we will make a commitment to you be covering the onboarding fee.

We are so fun to work with our name even has laughing in it!

Our Services

Managed IT Services

Managed Services are like regular services…only better. Our experienced team and huge partner pool make us the partner of choice for organizations across the country.

Cyber Security

The internet isn’t all cat videos and dance routines (we wish!). Sometimes the bad apples rear their unethical heads and that’s where we come in.


Sure, you can just have a phone on your desk with voicemail. You can also buy a car with hand crank windows and no air conditioning. We don’t recommend it. The new Telecom landscape is massive and we can help you navigate it.

Collaboration Solutions

Collaborating has never been as critical to an organization’s success as it is today. Email, chat, social integration, real-time file sharing, on-demand screen sharing, and so much more.

Backup and Disaster Recovery

The single most important aspect of any network is its backup and disaster recovery plan. We have the solutions and the will to use them. You should too!

Support Services

Even the best systems still incorporate people. And sometimes, people need a little help with their tech. Whether we are supporting your IT team or we ARE your IT team, we’re just glad to be included!

“IT and Managed Services can be very clinical.  1’s and 0’s, products and reports, etc…  Laughing Rock Technology does things a little differently.  They take the time to understand what your business does from the start so they can make recommendations that are relevant to your specific needs.  They ask questions to determine solutions that allow us to use our technology to advance our business and keep things running the way we need them to.  If you’re looking for an intelligent, technically adept IT partner with excellent service, fast response time, and competitive pricing then you can’t go wrong with Laughing Rock Technology.”

Joe Zidik Founder\CEO
Custom Milling and Consulting

“As a larger organization, it is not uncommon for our team to have multiple IT tasks happening simultaneously.  In the past, we have worked with IT firms that lacked the staffing or expertise to support our various needs quickly and efficiently.  This is where Laughing Rock shines for us.  There is always someone available to answer the phone and assist us with any IT issue.  For more complicated issues, they do a great job working as a team to use their various specialties to tackle even the most difficult challenges.  Laughing Rock Technology really does act as your own internal IT department!”

Brenden Van Buren President
Pro Max Fence Systems, LLC

About Laughing Rock Technology

Laughing Rock Technology has been providing technological solutions to organizations in Eastern Pennsylvania since 2005. From computer network design and managed services to Voice Over IP communications and advanced cyber security, Laughing Rock is committed to outstanding customer service while designing and implementing technology solutions that help businesses to increase employee productivity while reducing overall costs.

We have a saying at Laughing Rock: We are not a technology company, we are a customer service company that just happens to be amazing at technology!

Looking for Managed Services partner who actually answers the phone and is happy to hear from you? We got you. Want peace of mind knowing your working with an award winning Cyber Security company (Lehigh Valley Business Journal – 2017 through 2022), we are your solution. Just want an IT partner you enjoy working with? Contact us today to find out how good IT can be.