Phones are the life blood of any organization. When polled, over 70% of business owners say that computers are the most important aspect of there data and communications infrastructure. During actual critical outages, almost 100% demand that their phones be the first thing restored. Many of us don’t realize how vital our phones are to our business until they’re gone…but we do and we offer solutions with that in mind.

Laughing Rock Technology, LLC has spent years tracking the telecom market to make sure that we offer solutions that not only accommodate your desires today but also plan for your needs in the future. In fact, we are so committed to this goal that we have helped develop a proprietary software that combines the ability to set up and support T1′s, standard telephone lines, fax lines, and Voice over IP (VOIP) all in one solution. This allows your phone system to grow as your business grows without costly equipment upgrades or intense programming changes.


Businesses will easily identify their phones as being the most critical piece of technology they own but many systems lack the tools needed to grow with those businesses. Cloud-based phone systems (hosted phones) afford organizations access to their phone systems anywhere – via dedicated apps or web portals – they have a stable data connection and, often, include the critical features an organization needs as they continue their growth. In pure flexibility alone, hosted systems provide businesses with advantages few legacy systems allow. Easily implement enterprise-level features such as call queues, CRM integrations, auto attendants, and more. All of this flexibility keeps your phones ringing and ensures your phones contribute to a balanced digital ecosystem.


The world has gone digital – so should your voice communications. Hosted Phone Service passes your voice communications via the internet instead of through a provider’s switchboard. You no longer need to have a separate infrastructure for your voice network – with hosted phone service, your data infrastructure can also carry your voice traffic. Once you’re established, adding phone numbers or other services is nearly real-time. No more waiting for your provider to come out and run a line. Better yet, with hosted phone service, the number of simultaneous calls is dictated by your phone system and overall bandwidth – not on the number of lines you have running into your building.


Despite what they say, dinosaurs still roam this planet. Fax machines are the technology that never goes away, it seems. Even as faxing remains a required means of communication for some businesses, it doesn’t mean you have to be tied to the old dinosaur. Digital Faxing is as easy as sending an email with an attachment with no need to listen to that whirling tone again…


Billions of text messages are sent everyday in the US alone. Why? Because it’s easy and convenient. Having an integrated SMS solution in your digital ecosystem makes it easy to keep in touch with your clients where they’re most likely to see it – over 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes. Better yet, you enable an additional channel for your clients to connect with you – all without needing to provide them with a separate number to remember. Enable SMS on your main phone number and your clients can easily choose to send an SMS or give you a call.


As day-to-day business operations continue their push to an online-first focus, having the ability to meet and connect with clients or team members from anywhere is no longer a bonus – it’s necessary. Having the right tools in place can be the difference between smooth sailing or spending the first half of your meeting getting everything setup. More importantly, having video conferencing tools that are integrated into your other systems allows you to easily switch between a talking through something with a client – or showing them.


Implementing a Live Chat on your website gives you an additional avenue to service your clients in real-time. Integrated directly into your website, your team members can interact with clients, or potential clients, through a simple interface. Better yet, when integrated directly into your phone system, a live chat session can easily be escalated into a direct call with the person on the other end.


There’s a vast difference between knowing telecom and understanding telecom. Having a partner who has spent years honing their expertise in the telecom world ensures you’re aligning a system that meets your current business needs while remaining versatile as your needs and goals change. More critically is working with a partner who understands how a telecom system ties into and contributes to your digital ecosystem. Telecommunications is no longer just about how you make and receive calls. Telecommunications is the central hub for all things communication. Working with a partner who understands this helps you put a telecom solution in place that keeps your team doing the one most important thing every business needs – communicating.